24 April 2019

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Today God says:
 "Faith comes through hearing My Word".

He promises me:
  "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God". (Rom. 10:17)

My response to the word:
  Faith is a vitally important part of my life. God says that I am to "live by faith". In order to build my faith I know I must spend time in God's Word. This strengthens me and it renews my mind. Throughout this day I will seek to build my faith by letting my mind be washed continually by the water of God's Word. I recognize that studying the Bible is a privilege, not a duty, and I will walk in the light of God's Word wherever I go.

My prayer:
  Lord, thank you for your Word which builds my faith and keeps me from sin. I will let it be my weapon in spiritual warfare throughout this day.

Today's scriptures:
 "Anything that is not done in faith is sin". (Rom. 14:23 GW) "Indeed, our lives are guided by faith, not by sight". (2 Cor. 5:7 GW) "The person who has God's approval will live because of faith". (Gal. 5:11 GW)   

Quote for today:
Faith, as Paul saw it, was a living, flaming thing leading to surrender and obedience to the commandments of Christ. (A W Tozer)  

On this day:
On 24th April 1743, Edward Cartright was born in Marnham, Nottinghamshire. He was an inventer of machines for the cloth and weaving industry, although not always sucessfully. He was also a clergyman in the Church of England, mainly in the Nottingham area.

"Scriptures are taken from the King James Bible or those marked (GW) are from the God's Word Translation, used with permission".

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